SVSOUND PB12+ subwoofer. We carry the full SVSOUND line of high performance subwoofers.

The PB12+ with 12 inch driver and 800 watts dsp controlled ported subwoofer has true 20hz extension.

SVSOUND has subwoofers of all sizes, prices with ported or sealed versions available.



New Products that are in our showroom

Sony VPL-VW365 True 4k projector. Four times the resolution of full HD 1080p. Upscale everything you watch to UHD 4k. 3D 1500 lumens with whisper quiet fan.


Focal Speakers. We have the highly acclaimed focal line on display including the 1028BE speakers. Focal is a full line hi end speaker manufacture made in France. Along with the Electra speakers we have the Aria 926 and Chorus 726 on display to audition.


revel_f206 speakers

Clearview Carries the full line of Revel Speakers. Come listen to the F206,  M106 or Concerta 2 series now on display. Revel has a wide range of speakers from in wall to state of the art Salon Ultima speakers



The Mark Levinson brand has become synonymous with extraordinary levels of audio performance and has a reputation in high-end audio design like no other.

With components and systems for audiophiles and home theater enthusiasts alike, Mark Levinson defines accuracy and reliability while fully engaging you in the emotion of the performance.

Mark Levinson is owned by HARMAN International Industries



The Epson Pro Cinema 4040 delivers stunning picture detail with Epsons 4k enhancement. Hdmi 2.2 fully compatible with 4k and HDR signals. Bright 2300 lumens output and 3LCD chip technology


PrimaLuna ProLogue integrated amplifier with EL34 or KT120 tubes. Home theater bypass.

Build quality like point to point wiring. Premium parts like an Alps Blue Velvet Volume control. Custom-wound output transformers for super-wide bandwidth and REAL bass that has punch and follow-through. Engineering like Adaptive AutoBias, Bad Tube Indicator, Super Quiet Relay source selection instead of cheap switches, and SmartWatts which assures you no headaches that for years have been associated with tubes